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Company Name: Academy Group

Company Location: New Mexico

Company Information: Their bars sometimes have a CSRCO stamp as well. A good article discussing the corporation. Materion 10 oz poured bars are similar to Academy and the company that bought them in 2010 used the Materion name.

Known sizes: ~5, ~10, ~25, ~50, ~100 for poured bars. Later bars were machined and exact sizes


Obverse Reverse Additional Description
need pic need pic 5 oz bar from 1981
need pic need pic ~5 oz kitkat poured
5.1 oz with back CSRCO counterstamp
6.6 oz with front CSRCO counterstamp
10 oz landscape bar from 1981
Portrait 10 oz bar
need pic need pic ~25 oz
need pic need pic ~50 oz
need pic need pic ~100 oz
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