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Company Name: Hallmark Precious Metals Inc. (HPM) / Hallmark Refining Corporation (HRC)

Company Locations:

8005 Southeast 28th Street, Mercer Island, Washington 98040

3011 80th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island, Washington 98040

8088 Possession Beach Walk, Clinton, Washington 98236

1016 Dale Ln, Mount Vernon, Washington 98274 - Current

Company Information:

Hallmark Refining Corporation (HRC), also goes under Hallmark Refining, was founded in 1972 by Marvin E. Senff and incorporated on January 1st, 1972 and on August 8th, 1985. Hallmark Precious Metals Inc. (HPM) was incorporated on March 1st 1974 and dissolved on July 1st in 2004. Gold Refiners NW was another trade name owned by Marvin E. Senff.

Mercer Island Report September 6th, 1983 mentioning HPM Link

HPM Ad in Mercer Island Report January 22nd, 1985 Link

Hallmark has been doing business with electronic manufacturers throughout the West Coast of the United States including multi-national manufacturers such as Nintendo, Matsushita, National Semiconductor and many others throughout 1984 to 1994. Information from Brian Senff's LinkedIn Page

Marvin E. Senff knew Craig Rhyne owner of Rhyne Precious Metals for over twenty years and commented he did not know what happened at Rhyne Precious Metals. Hallmark Precious Metals Inc. was mentioned in the Seattle Times July 19th, 1996 article.

Here is an excerpt from the King Country Solid Waste Division's “Recycling Works It's Good Business” Volume Number 31 of Spring 2000 publication:

“Since 1972, Hallmark has been developing metal refining and recovery systems that allow companies to recover precious metals from old equipment and certain industry wastes such as silver-laden film-processing solutions. Photo labs, printing shops, electronic and glass manufacturing companies and X-ray labs have all used Hallmark’s recovery equipment to reclaim precious metals such as gold, silver and copper from various materials.” See full passage here.

HRC is under SIC: 3339 - Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper and Aluminum and SIC6: 508407 - Incinerators (Wholesale).

John Senff wrote an opinion on HeraldNet (Everett, Washington) on February 11th, 2010 with the title “Taxes on precious metals will cost jobs and revenue”:

“My family and I operate Hallmark Refining. Hallmark is a recycler/refiner of precious metals serving the photo finishing and electronics industry. We manufacture silver recovery equipment, and refine, recycle and sell the silver residue from photo finishing and electronics. We work on narrow profit margins in order to compete for large national accounts, and today we are the primary vendor for two of north America’s largest retailers”

Some more information about HRC by Materials Testing and Consulting, Inc. in 2013 Link

HRC is still operational today and is being led by Anthony Senff.

Known sizes:


Obverse Reverse Additional Description
SINCONA Auction 47: World Coins and Medals, Coins and Medals from Switzerland 1 oz Variation
1 oz silver round
need pics and descriptions

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