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Company Name: Placer Sierra

Company Location: Orangevale, California

Company Information: From some fantastic research done by @al_coin_hound on IG: Placer Sierra started Reclaiming Silver and Gold in 1979 and was in business until 1985. Owner/operator was named Steve Hershman. His early pours are odd weights. The later pours were exact weights. All size classes were made ( 1oz, 5 oz, 10oz, 25oz, 50oz, and 100oz). The company used 90% coin, sterling, and electrolytic flake to refine these bars. Offices were located in Rocklin, CA, with the Refining being done nearby in Orangevale.

Brochure Can Original Dies

Known sizes: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100


Obverse Reverse Additional Description
1 oz
5 oz
10 oz
25 oz
50 oz
100 oz
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