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Company Name: Yellow Daisy Refining Company

Company Location: Maricopa County, Arizona

Company Information: There is still a lot of mystery surrounding these vintage ingots, produced in Arizona, but that hasn't prevented them from becoming highly collectible. An interesting observation is that the hallmark bears a striking resemblance to the Arizona Assay Office ingots produced by Jack Stone in Scottsdale. One may have inspired the other, or there may be an as yet unknown direct connection.

There are two general classes of the poured examples:

Type 1 pours: Display a “chunky” rectangular (technically trapezoidal) shape, with a smaller, 22mm diameter hallmark stamp.

Type 2 pours: Also called “shallow” pours, or “flat” pours, exhibit a larger diameter, 24mm stamp. (There is at least one rare exception to this rule, with a smaller stamp appearing on a shallow pour).

The Type 1 and Type 2 designations are kept here to continue with tradition, although the naming convention may be counterintuitive, because the crudely poured Type 2 examples seem to predate the Type 1 examples. This description should be updated to include extruded examples as more study is done. [OPA]

Hallmark comparison with Arizona Assay Office ingot:

Known sizes: 1oz pressed, 2.35oz pressed, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100oz-class poured (mostly odd weight)


Obverse Reverse Additional Description
1oz round planchet with blank reverse
Type 1 5.41oz example. Notice the uniform shape and more refined look of this assumed to be later variety.
Type 2, 5.55oz example. A nice, crude pour, likely earlier than the Type 1 above.
Type 1 trapezoid pour 10.05 oz with the smaller, 22mm diameter hallmark typical of this type.
Type 1, 11.26 and 11.29oz examples, displaying the smaller hallmark, and the “ground off” pigtail typical of this variety.
Type 1, 10.43oz example with the smaller hallmark, and displaying different edges, a more “squared off” mold variation.
Type 2, 9.49oz “shallow pour” displaying the larger, 24mm hallmark.
Type 2, 12.54oz example displaying the larger hallmark, and a unique mold shape.
Type 1, 52.18oz example. The crude, Type 2 shallow pours have never been seen in the 25, 50, or 100oz-class.
need pics and descriptions
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